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One of the advantages of being a part of Mudfire is getting to see a lot of fantastic pottery by a wide variety of artists.  This also has some disadvantages.  Yesterday I was checking in some works by Doreen Baskin for a show that's coming up in a few weeks.  Her work floored me.  Another member who makes fantastic and amazing sculptures saw Doreen's work and said "I should just quit now."  Of course she went back to her pieces and continued to play with them and make them gorgeous.

Doreen Baskin Sculptural Cup

We are taught to compare ourselves with others.  In school teachers would compare me with my older brothers, the same thing happened to my mother when she was in school.  We are expected to "keep up with the Joneses" where we live.  How many times does one lawn mower start a symphony of lawn mowers in the neighborhood?  In the corporate world we are paid based on industry standards.

Art is different.  Art comes from within us, it's our heart, laid bare for public display.  You can't compare my heart and soul to someone else's, it's too personal.  It seems like it's far healthier to be inspired by the art of others.

Who inspires you?

Check out the gallery page - Future Relics Gallery by Lori Buff


  1. Oh boy, I've been feeling this comparison monster so much lately. It's a hard thing to ignore unless you just put your head down and work on the things that make you feel great while you are creating them. Been doing more and more of that

    1. You're right Tracey, it's not easy, but we still should try.

  2. Yep, i am facing a jury soon, it looks like, and the place has some very nice work...and some very terrible work. That means nothing. They are looking at ME, which is always scary....

  3. I've been reading about various artists lately, ie Andreas Alariesto, artists I relate to and appreciate the most are the ones who make work because it's what they're drawn to make, what they have a passion to make.

    No matter if an artist sells any work or is recognized or accepted by the art world surrounding them. No matter if their work is popular in the public's eyes. The true essence of an artist's persona and passion and their hard work is what inspires me much more than the work the artist is making.

    1. Good thoughts Linda. I remember a teacher once told me that he would prefer a student with lots of passion and less talent to a student with lots of talent and less passion.

  4. I have often thought about how fortunate you are to be at Mudfire and experience all the great work that comes through the gallery. It must be such an inspirational environment.

    My struggle right now is to create pots that will sell, as well as be pots that are about who I am.

    1. Between the professional artists work, the members and the workshops it's a hugely motivational place.

      Finding the balance between making what we, as artist want to make and what the customer wants is often a struggle. It's also a good topic for another blog post. Thanks Michèle.


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