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Paper Resist Maple Leaf Vase

Do you love the look of raw clay?  It seems to give us a connection to the Earth.  When a pot is fired the unglazed parts are often as interesting as the glazed parts and the combination is what can really make a piece work or not.

Maple Leaves in paper resist by Lori Buff
Maple Leaf Vase

This vase is part of something I'm working on to show off the clay.  The clay body I've chosen is Highwater's Orangestone because I love the way this clay looks in reduction, okay, truth be told, I love it in all types of firing and I have tried it in many.

I cut out maple leaf shapes from newspaper, it's fun and reminds me of cutting out paper dolls as a kid.  The paper leaves are coated with wax which not only resists the glaze but also glues them to the pot.  The glaze is a layer of Acid Green over Ochre.  I pull off as much newspaper as I can as the glaze will sometimes cling to it in places even though it's been waxed.  The paper and the wax would burn off in the kiln but the glaze would remain and adhere to the pot.  A little of this is nice, too much just looks sloppy to me.

The vase was fired in cone 6 reduction.

Have you been to Mud Colony yet?

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  1. Oh the vase is super. I have never heard of this technique before, the orange of the clay is definitely appealing and cone 6 reduction. cool.

  2. I love the color of orangestone. It really does look great in a wood and salt firing. I have had a lot of trouble with cracking with this clay body so I haven't been using it on a regular basis.

    1. Hi Michèle, that's weird, I've not had any cracking problems but I've fired it mostly to ^6, I've only done ^10 in a few firings, maybe it's just the odds game.

  3. What a great combination...colors and texture that are definitely zing!

  4. I love the vase! I can picture it with some lovely fall coloured flowers in it! Nice combination of colours and as a Canadian, I love the maple leafs too!

  5. I LOVE orangestone, the most beautiful clay there is! And so nice to throw. If I could fire cone 10 work I would only use that clay!

    1. It is great to throw Tracey, and you don't have to fire ^10, I fire to ^6 and it's vitrified.


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