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Ginko Platter Glazed

Do you remember the oval platters I wrote about a while back?  Here's the results of the Ginko Leaf Platter.  Since the leaves where impressed into the clay and then white slip was inlaid into the impression I thought I'd do a simple glaze and let the leaves be subtle.

I poured Acid Green glaze over the face of the platter to give a sense of movement.  It reminds me of the current in stream or a spring breeze.

Ginko Leaf serving platter by Lori Buff
Ginko Leaf Platter

The bottom of the platter has a flower texture which I wanted to show off so I painted the entire bottom with a diluted black underglaze.  I let the underglaze dry then wiped it off with a damp sponge.  This leaves a look of patina.
Ginko Leaf Platter, patina, by Lori Buff
Patina Effect

I'm really happy with the way this platter turned out but I did something a little different to the oak leaf platter.  I'll show you that when it comes out of the kiln.

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  1. Nice! I think that a whole platter done with the design underneath would be really beautiful. This might sound like a dumb question, but I have little to no experience with underglazes... did you have to wad or stilt the bottom when you fired it, or was the underglaze wiped down enough to not have to worry about sticking to the shelf?
    A friend gave us some bottles of Amoco Velvet underglaze and I may give this patina look a try.

    1. Thanks Michèle, I agree with you about the pattern on the underside being nice on the top too, the problem is that it's molded from an antique platter so I'd have to decide a way to transfer the pattern and then figure out a way to make that happen (stamps? Mishima...?).
      This is a black underglaze that was wiped off enough that I wasn't worried about it fluxing and sticking the platter to the shelf. I'm afraid stilts would have caused warping.

  2. Very nice effects on both sides, can't wait to see the oak platter.

    1. Thanks Linda, I'll post pictures when I get it out of the kiln.

  3. goshdarn that is GORGEOUSGORGEOUS gorgeous :) good move on the flowers under, nice green and leaves on top, oh MY!


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