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Happy Valentine's Day everyone.

I know lots of people think of this day as a "greeting card holiday" but my father sold greeting cards so people professing their love on February 14th meant we could live in our house and have food on the table.  Which to me is another reason why it's really good to show your love for the people in your lives.

Valentine's Heart mug by Lori Buff
Heart Mug

I made these mugs for Valentine's Day a few years ago.  They sold several months after the holiday had passed but they sold.  The next year I made another set, guess what?  Yup, they sold in the summer.

I can only hope that is because for some of us everyday is Valentine's Day.  I hope it is for you as it is for me.

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  1. Beautiful color combination on that mug, it's definitely a four seasons any holiday mug! I love greeting cards, but I try to shop early, I hate standing at the display with a bunch of people reaching and grabbing. I shopped early last week and I was the only one at the card stand. I also like making my own cards, like the one on my blog today, I sent to Wesley. I have a friend that sells greeting cards, so I get supporting the greeting card people :)

  2. Every day is a valentines day for so many reasons.


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