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Erin Furimsky Workshop and Think Texture

This weekend Erin Furimsky came to Mudfire to give a workshop focusing on different methods for achieving layered surfaces.  She was wonderful.  Although she really knows her subject matter she was also very quick to play with new ideas that popped into her head or those of the students.  So not only did she teach how to create these surfaces but also how to think about the process and how to best go about testing different methods.  I suspect everyone had a great time.  You should check out her DVD.

Erin Furimsky creates surface texture
Erin Furimsky Demonstrating Surface Technique
Erin has influenced me to think more about the platters that I made a few weeks ago.  As much as I like the Ginko leaves I don't think they are really honoring the surface that is created on the back of the platter.  Since that surface is what drew me to creating the piece I think a cohesive tie should exists   Now I just have to see it in my mind since I now have the tools I need to create it.
Surface of Platter Back


  1. ah yes the cohesive tie, stepping back is what I need to do more of, thanks

    1. You're welcome Linda, I think we all need to do that now and then.

  2. One of the pluses of working with another potter in the studio is to be able to get feedback right away or ideas to help tie things together. It's good to have someone else make you look at something in a new way. Sounds like it was a great workshop.

    1. You're so right Michèle, that's another advantage of being a part of the Mudfire community.


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