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The Stacks Lofts + Artist Tour (Part 2)

Yesterday I wrote about participating in the Stacks Lofts + Artists Tour in the Cabbagetown neighborhood of Atlanta.  Today I'll continue with the history of this place, now it starts to get really exciting.

My first recollection of the mill was in 1999 when it caught fire during the renovation of the mill into lofts.  This horrible fire was made more exciting by the rescue of a crane operator who was trapped above the blaze in his crane.  Firefighter Matt Mosely was lifted by helicopter to the crane where he rescued the operator and lightened the situation by telling the worker that his boss said "he could knock off early." Of course the news broadcasts where filled with this story for about a week.

Images from the rescue

The renovations continued after the fire and some very nice lofts were built.  One of my friends bought one and I loved to visit him, you could just feel the history in the building even though the lofts were built with a very contemporary look and feel.  It is an interesting match.  Then in March of 2008 an F2 tornato hit the Lofts causing significant damage including a crushed elevator that was believed to have people in it and structural damage to 5 of the 7 buildings.  Thankfully nobody was killed and the elevator was actually empty when it was hit with 4 floors worth of debris.  My friend was allowed to return to his unit after a few days and reconstruction started again on the damaged buildings.  Now they are completely restored and perfect for an art show.

Map of the Community, I'll be in building B

The show is tonight, Friday, Dec 7 from 6pm - 10 pm and Saturday, Dec 8 from 2pm - 7pm  I'll be in Building B which is the community center, it's near the front entrance, I hope you can stop by, have a glass of wine and enjoy some good art.

Their is a $5 entrance fee (cash only) which goes to support local, worthy causes.

The preview party for the artists was last night and it was fantastic, you really don't want to miss seeing the art and the archetecture.

Other Stuff:
Directions to The Stacks Lofts
History of the Fulton Bag and Cotton Mill


  1. these old buildings have great life to them. Best with the show.

  2. Toes crossed for an excellent show! Love hearing the building's history.

    1. Thanks, we had the preview party last night and saw lots of great art and architecture.

  3. I am wondering if this is the cotton mill my grandfather worked in. I know it was somewhere in Atlanta, then he moved to High point NC and worked at the Picket Cotton Mill for 50 years. He worked on cotton farms around there too, not sure where. I love the sight of an old mill, what a huge part of our countries history.

    1. It's possible but it's wasn't the only cotton mill in Atlanta, here's a link to some archive pictures of the Exposition Cotton Mill:

      It is pretty cool to think he may have worked where people are now showing art.

  4. Wow, that building has an amazing history while in operation and all catastrophes and the restorations


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