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Refreshment Time

Holiday season means hectic season.  Many of us have shows, we have to make sure galleries and stores have enough pots in stock, on-line orders are filled and shipped, plus we have to deal with our own lives and how hectic that becomes around this time of year.  It can all be fun and exciting as well as draining.

The good news is that January is a slower month that gives us an opportunity to refresh our energy.  We may still have to make pottery, at least I hope so, but we can do it at a more relaxed pace.  This is a great time to experiment, to try some new technique, form or surface decoration that has been dancing in our imaginations.
Experimental Pitcher Form

It's also a good time to play around with some other creative outlet.  Sometimes doing something completely different and just for fun can add a whole new freshness to your work.  You may start drawing or painting and find a new form to throw or a new idea for decorating surfaces.  Lots of things may happen if we let our minds and our hands play.

This is also a great time to take a few minutes everyday to take yourself for a walk.  You may have to bundle up against the cold but you will feel refreshed physically and mentally after just a short time.

What do you do to refresh yourself and your work?

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  1. OH YES, I love how in January you get a chance to do those experiments indeed, even if the studio is FREEEEEEzing cold :) I love, btw, your slide show up top!

  2. Thanks Gary, I'd suffer without my space heater in my little studio. I also built it with a lot of insulation which is a really help and so worth the cost.

  3. I am so lucky that I am working in the spare bedroom in our home so I have heat and air, I just glaze and fire in the garage and suffer through in there. If it gets too cold I use a space heater. I plan taking more basket workshops this winter and am anxious to start those after the new year.

    1. Hi Linda, I thought it would be air conditioning that you need the most in Florida.


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