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Golden Cloud

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Rainbows Before the End

This morning the sky was glowing a golden color as the day was dawning.  It was really beautiful and energizing.  When we looked out the back windows we saw this amazing rainbow.  It was very tall but you could still see the curve and where it started and ended (well, almost).

Can you see it?  Look between the trees. The light was still low enough that the camera flashed but the rainbow was bright enough to be captured.  When a day starts off like this you can expect a certain amount of magic.

I'm not really sure what time the world is supposed to end tomorrow so just incase I don't get to chat with you before then have a great apocalypse.

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  1. We were driving to Charlotte yesterday morning at 5am and were also talking about how the day felt somehow magical. It was a beautiful morning.
    Happy end of the world to you as we'll!

    1. Thanks Tracey, it looks like you did have a magical day.

  2. Is it that we have the time to look right now or is mother nature reminding us to breathe and take in the day.

  3. The potters in Seagrove are going to celebrate the end of the world with a big party at another potters home... I haven't heard if there is specific time, but I hope we get some socializing time in before it happens.
    (It's really a holiday party that just happened to be on the 21st)

    1. I hope you do get some party time before the end. We'll be at an end of the world party too so maybe we'll all go out in style.


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