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Visiting The Senior Center

The Lou Walker Senior Center in Dekalb County Georgia is a really nice facility that provides various fun and interesting activities for the older residents of the area.  Of course they have pottery classes.  I was invited to give a talk on Wednesday as it was the end of the semester for the students.  I was happy to do it but wondered exactly how I would fill an hour long talk.  I knew a question and answer period would be wanted but what could I talk about that would start those questions?

When I got there I was told which room we were going to meet in, it was a very large open room with a stage and lots of people having a good time.  We had some space sectioned off from the rest of the crowd and some women were setting out food and it was really, really noisy.  The instructor realized that it would be impossible to give a talk so he suggested we eat first then go back to the class room for my talk.  No problem, looking at all that food was making me hungry.

Lou Walker Senior Center

As they were setting up the lunch someone started playing some music and the crowd started singing along making up new words to celebrate President Obama's victory on Tuesday.  I looked around the room and saw that a line dance had formed and people were singing and dancing even if they needed a walker to help.  That kind of celebration just makes you smile.

My hour long talk was shortened to about 15 minutes but stretched to 20 because of the questions and answers.  It was a great visit, I hope to be invited back.

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  1. I got an email today from someone wanting donations for musical instruments for the dementia program at a local senior center and it made me smile to think of all those seniors not quite in their right mind anymore playing all those instruments. I'm gonna be there one day, hopefully someone like you will come for a visit and a pottery talk:)

    1. Hi Tracey, I bet music would be great therapy for them too, but what fun that could be even if it wasn't. Maybe we'll both be the ceramics teachers at our own senior centers

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Michèle, it was heartwarming to be there too.

  3. That looks like a wonderful senior center; a great place for folks who might be alone to have companionship and do arts and crafts to keep the doldrums away, I am sure they all appreciated your coming to give a talk. An hour would have been a long time I'll bet short and sweet kept their attention.

    1. It's a great center Linda, and look how big it is. The people from the pottery class were pretty sharp and very interested, I think they could have asked questions for an hour.


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