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Dragon Fire

You may remember that I was considering putting pots with underglaze on them in the wood fired kiln.  Of course I had to try it based on your comments (thank you so much) and Amoco's information.  I tried it on 3 different steins.  One came out really nice and was purchased at my Open Studio last weekend.  I didn't get a picture of it but the dragon was green, the color was very, very muted but the mug still looked really cool.  I suppose that's why it sold.

amagama, underglazed ceramics
Wood Fired and Underglazed

This mug got a really nice blast of ash glaze which is pretty but covered a good part of the image, the blues washed out entirely as did the straw, deep yellow and browns that I used in the hair.

Anagama fired, underglaze pottery - Lori Buff
Underglazed Dragon From Wood Kiln

This one came out the best as far as keeping the colors.  I used a lot of turquoise and that held really well.  I also used deep yellow for the chest of the dragon but lost that. Sadly, this mug has lost a chunk. I missed the unloading but can assume that something fell over or was a bit too close and the glazes stuck.  Such a shame but it's what I've come to expect with a learning environment.  It's all good, I'm keeping this one for me.


  1. Beautiful work! I think the colors are perfect for the dragon even if they are not what you intended. And the muted nature of the women is nice too (not that I advocated muted women!). :-)

  2. Hahaha, Thanks Janet. I don't advocate muted women either, let's just say she really shines.

  3. Maybe she's a mysterious and sultry woman, ha. These are wonderful, the experiments always seem to lead to something and the dragon came out great despite the chunk.

    1. You're right Linda, mysterious and sultry are perfect.
      I'll work with this some more, especially if I can get back up to Hambidge, I had great luck in that kiln.

  4. the wood kiln really loved that last mug... too bad about the chunk. i have kept lots wood kiln accidents, after a little dremeling (not sure that's a word!) and sand paper they work just fine for me. Nice that one of your best pieces already found a new home.

  5. The green dragon is so perfect! I love how it turned out!


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