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Open Studio - Thank You

Meatless Monday's will return soon.  Today I thought it was important for me to express my thanks to the people who came out to my Open Studio and Sale.  It was great to get to visit with some friends that I haven't seen in a long time.  It's always nice to meet new neighbors and customers and it's really great to get feed back on the pottery.  So thank you and hugs to everyone who was able to come to the studio.
Display of Horse Hair Raku pottery
Horse Hair Raku Pots on Display

I think traffic could have been better, I have to figure out more and better ways to advertise.  Getting the word out to the public is always a challenge.  I'm an artist, not a marketing expert but in this business we have to wear many hats.  At least I have something to think about for next year.  What advertising works best for you?

Check out the gallery page - Future Relics Gallery by Lori Buff


  1. Your display looks super with the bamboo in the background; are there any local art societies other than pottery you could tie in with?

  2. like I said, if not for the 1000 miles, I would have been there!

    1. I know you would have Gary, and we would have had a blast.

  3. We are fortunate to live in a pottery community and can advertise on the organization we belong to's website (we pay extra for the privilege) and then I also add our event to any free website listing that I have available to me. Consider sending a press release to local newspapers as well... particularly to their weekend magazine insert editors. Facebook and Twitter are also good venues.

    1. Great ideas Michèle, I did advertise at Mudfire and on social media, I should concentrate more on print media next year.


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