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Pottery Demonstrations at Walker School

The Walker School invited me to do some pottery demonstrations at the art festival that they put on for the students.  I was one of several artists including a metalsmith, a painter, a weaver and a basket maker.  It seemed like it was a great experience for the kids.  They were so enthusiastic and interested in what I was creating.  I wished I could show them more.  I'm not used to being around kids, I prefer the company of adults but these kids were fun and it was a great day.

Throwing demonstration for students Lori Buff
Pottery Demos for the Student

I can't tell you how many times I heard the word "magic" as I was pulling up the walls of a pot.  It does feel a bit magical to be honest.  But it was not a trick, it's just throwing.

I asked the kids what they wanted me to throw, then I explained the difference between pottery and sculpture. The requests were for turtles, cats and even a person.  Once they understood the difference the requests were for volcanos, hearts (I made heart shaped bowls) and cups/mugs.

Walker School Pottery Demonstration Lori Buff
Walker School Kids Art Festival

You may notice that many of the kids were wearing white, that was for lung cancer awareness.

Check out the gallery page - Future Relics Gallery by Lori Buff


  1. I used to do demos like this, I think I would much prefer being where you were as opposed to what I did this weekend:) right now I think being with kids would be a LOT more fun!! Yay for the lung cancer awareness, my dad died of lung cancer....

    1. Yes Tracey, this was a lot more fun than your weekend. The kids, staff and parents were all terrific.


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