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OCAF Perspectives 2012

This weekend was the opening of the Ocnee Cultural Arts Foundation's Georgia Pottery Invitational, Perspectives in Watkinsville, GA.  I love going to this show to wander through the isles and look at pots.  The variety of work must insure that their is something for everyone, you can find really amazingly ornate work and very simple, honest pottery sitting right next to each other.  It's fun, it's a lot, but not so much as to be overwhelming.

Perspectives Pottery Show

This picture is from On-line Athens (I forgot to take any pictures), it shows the old gym from the school where the show is held, it's where you get to see A LOT of pots.  In the main school building is a gallery with a couple of rooms of art that you should go see.  In the main gallery they display a piece or two from the invited artists along with a piece from that artists collection (not for sale).  I love this idea, it gives us an insite to what type of work inspires the potter.

I'm now reminded that I've haven't written any posts for the "Other People's Pots" series in a long time. I should get back to that.

The show runs through Sept. 19, 2012, the doors are open from 10am - 5pm and admission is free.  It's worth the trip for anyone in the area.

Check out the gallery page - Future Relics Gallery


  1. I think I would have had a seizure in that room :)

    1. It's hard not to Tracey. Think "kid in a candy store."

  2. Oh to be surrounded by all those beautiful pots, and to see what inspires others what a good idea for a show.

  3. WOW! that's a lot of pots... I don't think I have ever seen anything set up like that before.

    1. It is a lot of pots Michele, I have to go up and down the isles a few times to feel like I've seen everything I want to see.

  4. Do you know Geoff Pickett? Old friend of ours.

    I think the chaotic way of the displays would make me leave.
    Is this the only way they have to set up?
    Otherwise it would be great to see the work.

    1. I do know Geoff, I even have some of his pottery.

      I think the picture makes things look much more chaotic than it really is. The artists are each given a large table with a shelf in the middle so they can create their own display. These tables are arranged in rows for easy viewing as the customers stroll through the isles. It's exciting but not stressful at all.

  5. We have known Geoff since he first came to the sates- great person and wonderful potter.
    A few years back we went to visit with him and see his place. What a wonderful place he has there.
    Maybe one day we will get there again.
    Thanks for the info on the show and I will take your word on the display.
    One day maybe we can come see this.


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