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Beer - Roger Jamison Stein

It's Friday and that means it's a great day for a beer. Okay, I think most days are a great day for a beer but Friday just seems like the perfect day for a beer. And what better way to enjoy one than in a wood fired mug made by Roger Jamison.

Pottery Beer Stein

I picked up this beer stein at Perspectives when we went there earlier this month.  It's got a generous handle but is very light weight.  It feels good in your hand.  I'm not sure exactly how much it holds, a 12 ounce bottle still leave ample room once the foam settles.  I would guess about a pint.  It should be a good mug to use when you've picked up a growler.

I would guess it would be a great mug for iced tea or coffee as you'd have plenty of room for ice and the beverage but I've only used it for beer.

Tomorrow is the East Atlanta Strut, come visit my booth if you're there.


  1. Having a cold one while reading this, cheers:)

    1. Cool, we are finally having a beer together, even if it is virtually together.

  2. Make mine wine, Gary will have a beer with you, yingling or tecate. when I drank beer I thought peroni was the best I ever tasted.

    1. Hi Linda, wine is fine but Friday's just seem like a beer day to me...I'm not really certain why.

  3. Mark and I had beer last night- it was friday, it was 5 pm!


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