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Bike Ride and Pow Wow

Sunday gave us perfect weather. Since the motorcycle is still in the kiln shed I thought it best to honor the day with a ride. We headed down to Indian Springs State Park which is the oldest state park in the country. It's got lots of camping and some hiking but it's main reason for tourism is the mineral springs that are supposed to have very strong healing powers. Being in riding gear and planing to get back on the bike, I stayed out of the water.  However, for many years people used to come from all over to enjoy the park.  Naturally the Native Americans were the first people to enjoy the springs then it was given away to the settlers in a treaty.  The settlers built several hotels there and made it a resort spot.  Many years and several fires later it's not a resort at all, just a small rural town with some heritage.  Yesterday the Native American's were celebrating their heritage near the park so we visited the Pow Wow to watch the dancing and listen to the drums and chanting.

This little girl was really into the dance.  She danced most of the dances in this colorful outfit.  Can you see the bells on her ankles?  They really enhanced the music and the dance.

Another man had several birds of prey including a semi-trained vulture. The trick was mainly to come when called which I can imagine is a tough trick to teach a bird. He did explain how important vultures are to keeping our environment clean and healthy. They are really, really an important part of our planet.

There were also tents with crafts people but nobody had any pottery.  This was disappointing but being on the bike prevents one from buying any pottery anyway.

How was your weekend?


  1. Oh I know about this park because a guy I met in Steinhatchee told me all about it, he had a restaurant there before they tore down the resort building. Sounds like a good time to visit during the pow wow

    1. Hi Linda, how interesting. I'll bet some people from the historical society there would love to talk to him. It was a good time to visit, it was a happy accident since we didn't know that was going on when we decided to go to the park. The sound of drums called to me.

  2. What a great way to spend the day. I love the beautiful colors of the Native American costumes. Too bad there wasn't any Native American pottery in the craft tents.

    1. Hi Michele, I do too. It was disappointing to not have any pottery to look at but it was a great day anyway.

  3. Hi Lori! Those are lovely photos of that little girl. Her traditional dress is beautiful! It is sad that there wasn't any pottery for sale - but maybe next time?

  4. When Wesley was in the first grade I went on a field trip with her class to an Indian Powow, it was so much fun! I love the bells they wore in the dances. I remember there being lots of pottery at the one we went to, but I was looking after the kids and didn't get a chance to shop :(
    The vulture has been my totem for a couple of years now, I have had some very odd things happen with vultures.... such a cool bird, so misunderstood!


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