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Asheville In Atlanta

Tonight (Friday, Sept. 21, 2012) is the opening of the Asheville in Atlanta show at Mudfire Gallery.  I've seen most of the show and it is a great show.  Asheville is an amazing place where talent seems to thrive.  If you're in the area come to the opening tonight to meet some of the artists and have some birthday cake.  If you're not in the area you can still see the show and make purchases on line until November 18.

Speaking of Asheville, I'll be going up there for a long weekend soon.  I know a lot of the good pottery is here but I expect I can still find more.  I've been to Asheville a couple of times and know it will be lots of fun.  Of course I'm always looking for new things to do.  I've been to Blue Spiral Gallery and know that it is a great gallery that I'll want to visit again.  I've also read about Flock to the Rock at Chimney Rock State Park.  This looks like fun for a raptor lover.

Pottery Raptor Stein
Eagle Stein

Where do you like to go in Asheville?  I'm interested in knowing about your favorite places be they restaurants or attraction and events.  I might even go there.

Check out the gallery page - Future Relics Gallery by Lori Buff


  1. Hi Lori. Come over to Black Mountain (just 15 miles east of Asheville, and on the way to Chimney Rock Park) and enjoy our fun shops and restaurants (shops close around 6 daily, just to give you a heads up on that). The Veranda is great for lunch, (only) and right next door is Seven Sisters Gallery in downtown. Or you might try "My Father's Pizza," or a few blocks away is "Fresh" with wood fired pizza. The Black Mountain Center for the Arts has a clay studio in a separate building which has some open studio hours every day (while BMCA is only open M-F) Anyway, lots of great places in Asheville also! Enjoy your visit. Would love to meet you, give me an email if you wish.

  2. I WISH I could remember the name of the restaurant we went to last time I was there. It was somewhere near Biltmore village, the chef was a friend of a friend and it was SO GOOD! That is where I learned the secret ingredient to my awesome iced tea (I don't even care for iced tea, but my friends who do, love it). Anyway, looking forward to exploring it again soon!

  3. Definitely check out the River Arts district and of course Blue Spiral, my favorite. I know a lot of folks hit Highwater Clay but I have never been, I always run out of time. Lots of great restaurants in town, you can't miss, I haven't eaten at a bad place yet, just walk down the street. There are also lots of really cool hippy dippy shops that are fun and there is a great bead shop if you are interested in making bead things. It's amazing. Also lots of fantastic antique shops.
    Where is the world does Mudfire put all that pottery they bring in?! THey have soooo much for sale!

  4. Thanks everyone, I appreciate the suggestions.

    Barbara - I'll shoot you an email if we do go to Black Mountain, the wood fired pizza sounds good, I like most things that are wood fired.

    Linda - thank you.


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