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Get Out of the Studio

Remember summer when you where a kid?  We used to spend countless hours swimming or riding our bicycles or just playing.  We were outside all summer, I doubt we even really noticed it was hot because we were acclimated.  I do remember my bare feet feeling the hot of the sand or the street but we always found cool water or grass near by.  We played, we had fun, and we still grew.

Now it's a summer of my adulthood and I'm prone to wanting to go from the cool of the house to the cool of the studio.  I visit the garden in the morning but not at noon.  I'm acclimated to the AC.  I do love air conditioning, I don't care to live without it even though I am not a person that likes to be cold.  However, I don't like to be too hot either.  I guess I'm just particular about these things.

A hot summer also makes me a bit lazy.  I'm not as motivated to run down to the studio and spend all day there, it just means I'll have a lot of pots that I'll have to store until September when it cools off enough for people to go shopping again.  Maybe this is a time to do some playing and growing.  I've been doing some experimenting with decorating the pots and I really like the results, this keeps things fresh and interesting for me.  But I know growth can also be found outside of the studio so I'm going to leave it for a few days and let the world outside inspire me.  One way of doing that will be by taking a trip up north to visit my parents.  I'm not sure what inspiration will come from that, I'll let you know.

What are you doing this summer?

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  1. Working lunch in the Conservatory yesterday with a peer.

    Let her have the choice, inside or out.

    We acclimated fine, were out there for hours.

    Got the work done & lunch eaten.

    Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

    1. That sounds lovely Tara, you've got a great job also.

  2. Enjoy the trip to visit your parents, it's good to get away.
    We are getting ready for a big show, so no rest for the next few weeks. The show is in NH so I will get to see my parents, siblings, and old friends... sort of a working vacation.

    1. Thanks Michele, don't work too hard. I hope the show and the visit are wonderful.

  3. We are outside all summer long, but I still love the AC (swamp cooler in our case, since they work better in the dry heat of the desert). When I'm done playing outside, I like to lay in the cool, usually on the floor. :) No big plans this summer - a couple of fishing trips in August, I think.

  4. I used to work outside all day long at my lavender farm and it was wonderful I miss that, but the heat here and the mosquitoes are prohibitative, I find the older I get the less I like the heat and really need that air conditioning, I think once you have it you get used to it. We hope to get up to the Northeast at the beginning of fall if we can swing it, hopefully things work out. Perhaps a few small trips before then, have a good time.


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