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Bash Bish Falls

On Sunday my friend Frank and I went for a drive up to New York state to go hiking. We knew where we were going and what we were going to see. We've both been going there for decades, literally. The forecasted threatened rain but we were not deterred, we had our cameras and expectations of having a good hike and a nice visit together.  Frank is an awesome architect and the type of person that subtly reminds you that architecture is very much an art form.

The first trail we hiked was pretty easy, we knew it would be, we've been on it many times, it's a good warm up.  At the end of the trail we are rewarded with this.

Bash Bish Falls
This is Bash Bish Falls, it's in Massachusetts, we hiked there from New York.  This idea used to tickle us as kids, it still does to a certain degree now.  The falls are about 200 feet high which makes them the largest cascading falls in Massachusetts.  Many years ago a famous tight rope walker performed his stunt over these falls and remarked that it was more frightening than Niagara Falls, probably due to all the gorges.  When we were kids we did a lot of climbing around and above the falls but we also knew to respect them.  


  1. aaahhh.... I can feel the cool air coming off of the waterfall!

  2. What a beautiful reward as part of a hike! It is pretty cool to think that you start in New York and end in Massachusetts! We kind of get that feeling when we go to the four corners and stand in four states at once! :)

    1. Hi Julia, that's exactly why I want to go to four corners, that and it sounds beautiful.

  3. Oh how beautiful and wonderful to have a friend to hike to the same falls with again and again, one state to another.

  4. I have a thing for waterfalls. I love them and think there is nothing in the world better to go see. This is a beauty and I am going to look it up. Enjoy!


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