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Artist Interview

This summer I'm taking some classes at Emory University.  I love learning new things and they have some great offerings.

I have an assignment for one of the classes to interview several other artists about the art business.  So I started compiling a list of artists that I'd like to interview and the list got pretty long.  I'd love to chat with so many of you.  The alternative was to put it into your hands.  So I created a survey which you can see below and fill out on line if you are so inclined OR you can email me directly (lori at Future Relics Gallery (dot) com) and let me know your phone number and a good time to call you.  I would love to chat with you but I will also be respectful of your time.

I promise I'm not interested in selling your phone number or email address.  All of the questions are optional but I'd really appreciate it if you'd answer as many as you can.

Thanks in advance.

Thank you, I really appreciate your help.
Check out the gallery page - Future Relics Gallery


  1. This is great but I have to come back when I have time- how long will you leave it up?

    1. Hey Meredith, that's fine, I'll leave it up for a few days, probably until early next week, of course you can always come back to this post or I can call you when it's convenient for you. I'd love to chat with you.

  2. lets talk---I am usually not a phone guy, but you are a friend :) I shall email the # or you can send me yours (unlimited long distance here)


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