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Dog Dog Goose

We took Rainier and Jolie to the park this weekend. We all had a great time but Rainier didn't want to swim, he didn't even notice the ducks and he never wants to play fetch. Essentially you can say he has failed his Lab test.
Jolie, the Austrian Cattle Dog did go swimming with the geese.


  1. none of my dogs have ever wanted to get in water, and our lab was the worst!

  2. Thanks Gary, it was a little surprising that she swam out to the geese.

  3. Hi Laura, I think this is the first time you've commented, thanks and welcome to the blog.
    Do your labs hate baths too?

  4. What pretty dogs! Love that Jolie likes to get right in with the geese~!

    1. Thanks Julia,
      She's often pretty timid but her herding instinct may have kicked in with this situation.


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