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Set of Plates

When I make sets of anything I normally make extras.  If I don't I know some will crack, get broken of will have some sort of glaze problem.  This, for me, seems to be the Murphy's Law of set making.  But when I made this set of plates I had no plan for them.  I didn't know how I would decorate them or anything like that.  They weren't a commission, they were just plates that I was making because I felt like making plates one day.

Of course this meant that they sat around for a few weeks waiting for me to be inspired to do something with them besides throw and trim.  Then I took a workshop with Molly Hatch and came up with an idea that blossomed like Spring.

The problem was that it was too late to do Mishima on the plates so I painstakingly copied and panted the birds onto the already bisqued plates then sprayed the edges with the ash glaze combination that I use on my casseroles and serving bowls.

They just came out of the kiln and I couldn't be happier with them.  Now I wish I had made more than six not because of the possibility of one breaking but because I really like the way they look.
I've also made a set of cups to go with the plates, they have the same birds but they are drawn on using Mishima.  It'll be fun to see these all together as a set.

Happy Spring everyone!!!


  1. Those are wonderful, hope you post the cups too. love the color around the edges.

  2. Thanks Linda, I will post the cups also, but first they need to be bisque fired.

  3. I made extra houses for this commission I just finished and wouldn't you know, not one piece cracked, like you said, Murphy's Law! The plates are great, they should sell pretty fat!

    1. Yes Tracey, that does seem to be how it works. Your extra houses will sell, no worries there. Thanks

  4. Replies
    1. Yes, a different bird is painted on each plate. Thanks Gary.


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