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Best Job in the World

I have the best job in the world.  I am doing what I love and loving what I do.  I should be happy and most of the time I am.  But I also feel a little bit guilty.

My non-artist friends range from liking their jobs to hating their jobs but all of them seem to be able to find a lot to complain about in relation to working.  They are all really happy about Friday and not happy when Monday rolls around.

As an artist I'm normally the opposite of that, I look forward to Monday and getting back into the studio, especially if I am inspired by some event from the weekend.  I'm even happy to go to work when work means doing a show.  Set up and break-down is hard work, the day is normally very long but I like talking to people about the pots, I love when my friends come to visit my booth and I really, really love selling pots.  I must admit, I still get an adrenaline rush from it.

When my friends get together conversations often turn to work, it's what people do for at least half of their waking hours (and some even dream about it at night) so this is to be expected.  The trouble is that much of it is complaining.  The commute is too long, the boss is an idiot, the computer broke know what I'm talking about.  So I feel a little guilty having the best job in the world.  When a friend says "it took me 2 hours to get home because of the rain" I hate wanting to say "yeah, it was raining so hard I had to put a hat and jacket on today."   Nobody wants to hear that.  So I've found myself looking for the negative parts of my job and talking about them to people.  This is not healthy!  I want to be loving everything I can about this great job, and I want to be looking at the positive.  Am I the only person with this issue?  Is it something we'll all get over after a while?

Happy Friday anyway.

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  1. I just came across a really great blog called zen habits, it's on my blog roll, you should read it and pass it on to your friends. I sometimes feel guilty too, Gerry has a great job, but it's so demanding, he does have his negative moments, I have none, I love what I do! Im like you I look forward to Monday, so many promising things to come!

  2. sometimes i have to pinch myself to be sure i am really living my dream! i worked hard and waited a long time for this to materialize so i am not going to dwell on anything negative. perhaps your enthusiasm about being a full time artist will inspire your friends to think more positively and act on their dreams as well! let go of the guilt

    1. Hi Michele, you're right. It's so good to lead by example and I worked hard to get here too. I still work hard, I just enjoy it a lot. We are very fortunate people and so are they.

  3. Encouraging words no matter what a person's job is key I think. Everyone has obstacles to overcome no matter what they do. Even retired folks have obstacles which are a drag on their psyche. Folks working as artists also have situations they must overcome; the grass is greener is a real culprit. I try to support fellow artists and workers in their respective pursuits. Underlying much verbage is more than meets they eye. Letting someone vent, lending an ear, is sometimes very helpful. We are all in this world together, empathy for fellow humans in various circumstances is, I think, paramount.

    1. Well said Linda, this is very sage advice and something we should always keep in mind no matter the situation. Thanks

  4. I have been very,very lucky to make a living doing this for the past 30 years. 30 fast years.
    There have been ups and downs but after almost losing the business due to fire I can not tell you what it feels like when I step into my work shop every day.
    I love to talk about many, many things and look to find people outside the pottery world as well as in to keep the mind working and enjoy the many things life has to offer.


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