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Soda Kiln Unloading

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Ewer Dancing

I made these ewers after seeing some of the work of Jake Johnson at the North Carolina Clay Conference.  Well, actually just the pictures of his work.  I wasn't able to go to the conference and I'm sorry about that, it looks like it was amazing.

When I see work that inspires me, or when I take a workshop I often try to do a piece or two in the style of the artist.  I'll then take what I've learned from that and incorporate it into my own work.  Sometimes I'll learn something really subtle like how a master uses a certain tool, sometimes it'll be something bolder like treating the surface with ferric chloride.  The bottom line is that I've learned something and it's effected my work.

With these two ewers I like the tilt, the base is pretty solid, although it could be formed better, which is something I can work on.  I do think they look like they are dancing.  I enjoy having that playful aspect in my work.  I may never make another set of ewers like these but I would like to incorporate the dance into more of my pieces.

Check out the gallery page - Future Relics Gallery


  1. This is something I have found working in clay, I make a piece inspired by someone else, I have to make the piece in order to learn the process of the making, and then move to the next several levels of my work - imitate, development, design.

    1. Exactly Linda. I am going to use your brilliant line "imitate, development, design." Thank you.


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