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Horse Hair Firing in the Sunshine

Saturday dawned cold and rainy. It was a nasty morning, the dogs didn't want to go out in the storm, the wind howled and snuggling down in the bed seemed to be the best way to spend the day. Of course I had planed a raku firing.
By 10am the wind had blown most of the storm away and I could see blue sky.   I knew it was going to be a good afternoon and it was.  The sun warmed us up, the wind died down, it was perfect weather for a raku party. Tom and I fired two of the three raku kilns at Mudfire and we both got some really nice pots.  We then toasted the kiln gods with a beer and started doing some glazing while waiting for the kilns to cool.
I've heard that Benjamin Franklin once said:
"Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy."
I suspect sunshine and good pots is proof that the kiln gods love us and want us to be happy too.
These pots are headed up to Spring Place Pottery in  Cartersville, GA where they will be part of a nice display with some other great pots.


  1. ooh those are nice looking pots! i LOVE to raku fire but have experimented only twice with horsehair.

    1. Thanks Michele, I love raku too but lately have only been doing the horse hair pots. I just love the look.

  2. Those look great all together. Where do you get all the horse hair from that you use on your pots? I especially like the blue one and the shiny interiors.

    1. Hi Linda, we have a bag of horse hair at Mudfire. One of the members owns a race horse, he brings some in as do other members who have access to brushing a horse's mane. I think Linda and Charlie Riggs brought some for the last workshop they did also.

  3. Gorgeous horse hair raku!! Great to hear the weather cooperated. We could use a little warm weather here soon. Be well.

    1. Thanks Sue, I wish I could send some warm weather your way.


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