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Trip To Athens

After the Raku Party this weekend Janet & I took a trip to Athens, GA to see the studio sale that Carter Gillies was having at his place.  It's always hard to get to other potter's sales because they are often on the same weekend as mine or there are too many and too spread out to get everywhere.  But we do try to make it to at least one a year and since Carter was having some guests we figured we could also see the work of several potters in one place.  I wanted to see a new glaze Carter is using and Janet wanted another plate from Geoff Pickett to complement the one we already have so those thoughts influenced our decision also.  I apologize to my other potter friends, we'll get to your studio sale another year.
The photo here is not very good, I'll take individual pictures of the pieces and write about them in my "Other Peoples Pots" series.  The jar already has coffee beans in it and I had to take the tea bowl out of the dishwasher for the shot so I wasn't doing a big set up.  I should have taken a picture at the studio.
Carter's studio is behind his house in a residential neighborhood in the beautiful city of Athens.  I love looking at the architecture in the city, it may not be as awe inspiring as the Greek city of the same name but it does have some cool and funky buildings.  Being a college town it also has a really cool vibe.  I fear it may become a strip mall hell in a few years but hope that the idea of supporting local businesses is strong in the residents.  Judging by the amount of people we saw shopping at Carter's studio sale I feel it's there in some.
Speaking of studio sales, I have to get ready for mine which is this weekend.  I'm calling it "Last Chance Studio Sale" because it'll be the last chance for people to shop for my pots (except on line) and the last chance for me to sell them this year.  Come on out.


  1. It's great fun to visit potter's in their studios, sounds like a good trip and town I wouldn't mind visiting, hope you have a super last chance sale.

  2. I love visiting other potter's studios. It's fun to see how everyone works. I enjoyed when a bunch of bloggers shared our studios with our readers. I think Tracey Broome started that.

  3. Living in Chapel Hill is much the same as Athens, and luckily not a lot of strip malls. Lots of crazy college people and lots of great music.
    Your new look is great, like it very much!

  4. I've not spent a lot of time in Chapel Hill so I didn't know that, I tend to compare Athens with Asheville but now I'm intrigued about Chapel Hill. Since you and Ronan Peterson live there I have mare reason to go.
    Thanks for the complement on the new look, I was nervous about it so it feels good to hear that people like it.

  5. Something to look forward to in the new year. Shopping at your studio.

    Wish I could have tagged along on the Athens trip. Seen some beautiful stuff in the Bishop area.

    Garden & Be Well, XO T

  6. You would have liked it I'm sure, and Terry Kearns would have liked it too. We all might make a fun field trip team.


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