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Kitchen Tools - Zester

 Janet is a wonderful cook, she really enjoys experimenting with new dishes for dinner or baking something sinfully delicious.  I'm very lucky.
Creating pottery and creating culinary delights have a lot in common.  We are both often trying new things, sometimes it's something completely different than we normally create, sometimes it's a new twist on an old favorite.  We are both very concerned with aesthetics as well as function (if it doesn't taste good nobody is happy).  And we both are always looking at new tools and gadgets.  Sadly, for Janet, I'm often looking though our kitchen for these tools.  I pretend I'm helping her cook but I'm actually thinking about what some kitchen gadget will do on clay.  I've actually tried a few of these kitchen tools with varying degrees of success so I thought I'd write some articles about the tools I like.
One of the tools I like for making a basket weave design is a zester.  You use one of these tools to scrape the outer layer of peel off citrus fruit, I use it to make Lemoncello.  It's nice because it makes nice lines in a perfect row.  I use it when the clay is leather hard but it might do some interesting things on softer clay too.  Have you used one?  I'd love to see what you did.
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  1. The best pottery tools can be found in the kitchen. I've had to replace several zesters in the kitchen because I keep taking them out to the studio. Also love the pastery cutting wheel (not sure of its real name). Here's a picture of a zester detailed bowl rim.

  2. I've or should I say Gary has just unpacked a whole passel of my old kitchen tools and you have given me an idea to try them on clay, thanks. I haven't tried this one but I have tried a meat tenderizer to hammer indentations into clay and that's kind of fun. Also a round sink drain, I may do a post about my tools too, might be fun for us all to share our tools of the trade. Ha. Happy New Year to you both.

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