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Template Change?

A new year gets people thinking about new things.  Sometimes those are seen in the form of New Years resolutions sometimes they just find it a good time to make changes.  Several years ago I made a New Years resolution to stop making New Years resolutions, so far I've stuck with that one.  But I still think about making changes, hopefully positive ones, in my life. One small change that I'm considering is changing this blogs template and updating my website.  I wonder if that's a good thing or not, marketing people will talk about consistency in branding and things like that.  I don't know if that is really important in my line of work.
What are your thoughts?
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  1. As you probably noticed, I change my blog template pretty often. I get so tired of looking at the same design every day, plus it's fun :) I will tell you that before I got my faster computer, your page took a long time to load, the bricks didn't want to play. But now it's fine.... Go for it, people know your name, it's always nice to freshen up a bit!

  2. I am with TB on this one- I have a hard time reading your words with the brick in the background.
    And your site takes so long to load that I sometimes have to just give it up.
    I can't wait to see what you do.

  3. Wow, I didn't know people were having problems. I wish I had known sooner. I'll change this template as soon as possible.
    Thanks for following me through this slow template.

  4. Oh this is wonderful, very rich looking.

  5. Thank you Linda, it's nice to get the positive feedback.


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