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Another Raku Party

The weather was absolutely perfect for this weekend's raku party at Mudfire.  It was sunny and warm enough to be comfortable but not too warm as to not want to be near the kilns or reduction chambers.  I love firing raku in these conditions.
We had a few new members who wanted to participate in this firing which meant that I got to practice my how-to-raku and safety speech.  It must have worked because nobody set themselves on fire which is always a good way to be.  And everyone had some pieces that they liked.  I really enjoy teaching raku firing.  I especially like it when the kiln Gods co-operate and we get some exciting work.  I'm actually considering writing a proposal to run a workshop at John C. Campbell Folk School.  It's a really cool place and that would be a great way for me to spend some time up there.  


  1. Wish I was closer, I'd come down for a raku party, the excitement is so much greater with a group of participants.

  2. Linda, I wish you lived closer too. I think we'd have fun hanging out together playing with clay.


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