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Malcolm Davis - RIP

Like many other artists I was surprised and saddened by the news of the death of Malcolm Davis.  I read one potter's thoughts of how he will live on forever due to his shino glaze.  It seems many of us had our first, and maybe only encounter with the man through the glaze.  Not only was that very generous - it's a great glaze - but that was really smart marketing.  It makes me think he was a really smart man.  I have read and heard from people who have met him that he's also a really nice man.  I only know his glaze and his pots.  His pots have been really inspiring to me.  We have had some of his pieces at shows at Mudfire and I was always impressed with the craftsmanship and with the design.  I love the simple brushwork that he would do on his pieces which, of course, showed off what a wonderful glaze he created.  The thing is, he was much more than someone who made pots, he was much more than someone who made glazes.  He was a civil rights activist who was interested in things like peace and love and a good planet to live on.  He was a great role model. He gave us a lot, he'll be missed a lot too.

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  1. Yeah, he was on his way here to give a lecture a year or 2 ago, but there was a blizzard and it was never quite re-scheduled, unfortch :(


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