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Tom Turner Visit

Tom Turner visited my class at Penland last week and invited us out to his house to see his studio and view his collection of pottery.
The man is very precise in his work and very intelligent in his approach to making beautiful pots.  After 50 years in the pottery making business he should be.
This picture shows only some of his glaze testing work.  I'm not sure I have the patience to do this, do you?  
His collection is amazing, he's got pots from many different countries, famous and not so famous potters from America and even 1000 year old pieces from China.  He also offers three day workshops where the student works right next to him.  I think it might be a bit awe inspiring. 

Other Stuff:

Tom Turner  
Glaze Testing 


  1. Not sure I have that patience either or the space to store all the tests.


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