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Other People's Pots - Berkshire Pottery Lamp

Like many of you I have a nice collection of pottery that I didn't make.  I have a good selection of pots I did make but could not sell for some reason like the pot has a defect or Janet couldn't part with it, but I also have pots I've bought or traded throughout the years.  Since the people that read this blog seem to like pottery for one reason or another I thought I'd take some pictures of these pots in use and post them periodically.  They are too nice not to share.
The first piece I want to show you was made by Berkshire Pottery in the 1970's or 80's.  This is the era when I first fell in love with pottery due to a ceramics class I was taking in High School.  The pottery is located in the area in the New York state mountains where my family used to vacation for a couple of weeks every summer.  The picturesque setting, peaceful way of life and connection to the land was very attractive to me even as a kid.  Even though I currently live in the city I live in an old farm house and grow some of my own veggies.  I guess it's still attractive to me today too.
If memory serves me correctly this lamp was given to me by my parents as a birthday present.  It has traveled all around the country with me and has not been broken or lost.  I'm not sure I can say that about anything else that I own.
I love the style of this lamp, it's very old school European and speaks of art as function.  I love the color of this earthenware and the simple design.  I think I learned about wax resist from studying pieces from Berkshire pottery.
I'll post more pieces in the coming months, keep checking back here.
Check out the gallery page - Future Relics Gallery


  1. That is a great lamp, does it have a clear glaze or just oxide surface. So earthy.

  2. Hi Linda, it is a great lamp, I love it. It does not have any clear glaze on it.

  3. hey, Berkshire pottery, where is that, over east of Albany by Massachusetts?

  4. Hi Gary, yes it is. I think the town is Hillsdale.


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