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Pottery Notes

Here are the pots that I brought home from the Tom White workshop at Penland School of Crafts.  I also made a few mugs that I sold or donated to the school and Mitchell county animal shelter and a couple of goblets that were auctioned off at the end of session auction, which is a lot of fun and a place to get some great art deals.

Most of these pots do not represent my best work by any means.  I did not go to Penland to make great work while I was there.  I went to learn how to make better pots.  I think of these pots as my notes.  When I was in a class in school and needed to take notes I did not focus on proper spelling, grammar and penmanship.  I focused on getting down the information that I needed to remember, to have a reference place where I could find information when I needed it.  That's what these pots are, they are my notebook and a reminder of what to do, and what not to do to repeat the processes that I learned in the workshop.  I really think that is the best way to approach a craft workshop.  What do you think?


  1. The last workshop I attended there was so much information I had a hard time digesting it then and even weeks after. I need to sit back and think, savor, dream and then incorporate info I learn at workshops. Even now workshops I took five years ago are coming back to "haunt" me in a good way, you never know when the information will come out and influence your work, but it is all good. Notes are definitely important.

  2. I love this... I too often leave a workshop with items I have created out of the process of learning new things. Not always my best work either. I find when I am learning new things, new techniques my work goes through a gangly teenage phase before I find the impressions of the workshop settle into my own language of expression through my work. These pieces or "Notes" as you refer to them are priceless. -Regi

  3. Linda - I find making videos of demos really helps too. Also, the stuff that really resonates with you will stay in your mind.

    Regi - welcome & thanks for the comment, I love the description "gangly teenage phase" that's perfect.


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