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Got Testimonials?

By Martha Carnahan, Business & Life Coach

So many entrepreneurs tell me they want to get some great testimonials… but they put this task on the back burner. They also claim it’s a pretty easy thing to do… and yet, they have few or none to include in their marketing. If it’s so easy, why haven’t they done it?

Because, like many things, collecting testimonials is “easy,” but complex at the same time. For most of us, it feels a little weird to ask people to say nice things about you. What if you come off as a pest? What if the customer says “yes” and then writes up a quote that doesn’t sound very good? What if the customer never gets around to it, and now you have to nag them?  Yikes!  And if you are selling anything online, testimonials – good ones – can make or break a sale.

This is precisely why Lori asked me to share with you a new e-book I’ve written, Brilliant Testimonials Toolkit.  I wanted to share a very graceful process with you, that not only results in great, authentic, non-hypey testimonials, but, done well, the process actually enhances your relationship with your customers.

Some of the benefits of testimonials may be obvious – building trust and credibility, for example. But here’s one you may not have thought about: Testimonials harness the power of story. Here’s an excerpt right from the book:

“Stories evoke an emotion. They engage your listeners’ hearts as well as their minds, bringing information to life. Facts and statistics are the commodities of our info-centric world. Telling great stories adds a fresh voice to the party. People tend to remember stories more readily than they remember facts (or those marketing bullets on your website.)” ~From Brilliant Testimonials Toolkit

I hope I’ve given you a few nuggets of encouragement to get going on your testimonials project (I know it’s right there on your giant to-do list – if not, it should be!). If you buy this $11 e-book too, that’s just an added bonus because it was fun to write and I love sharing it with others.

And, actually, you can also show your love for Lori, our favorite potter, by using the links here in this blog post because she’ll get a commission for each one sold. Kind of like putting a tip in the blogger’s tip jar, but better!

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