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Yosuke Koizumi

Atlanta Clay hosted a demo with Yosuke Koizumi last night.  They also had a pot luck which helped to bring almost every potter in a 100 mile radius to the store.  It was crowded but fun.  This man is amazing.  The demo is an advertisement for Shimpo wheels and the huge bowl he threw at the end of the demo proved the strength of the product but what was most amazing to me was to see how quickly and how well he can throw beautiful pieces off the hump.

Check out the gallery page - Future Relics Gallery


  1. shoot, you could BATHE in that beautiful thing :)

  2. He was at a clay store in California and I missed it, but his bowl was in the back ready to be fired when I was there and it was amazing huge and wonderful. As Gary says large enough to bathe in - at least for a smalll dog.

  3. What a beautiful, generous form! I love the snail/swirl in the bottom and the relaxed wavy line.


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