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Shino Tea Bowl

I love shino glazes but I struggle with them also.  I seem to have a difficult time getting them to come out just right, it's the nature of the glaze.  However, I also love a challenge so I have a difficult time not dipping a piece into a shino glaze bucket.  Sometimes I'm happy, sometimes not so much.  This tea bowl is one of the pieces that makes me really happy.  Per Pottery magic " the tea masters, a glaze such as Shino with its uncontrollable pin holing and crawling is considered beautiful and pleasing."  The kiln Gods were smiling on me, the tea masters might even like this one.
Check out the gallery page - Future Relics Gallery


  1. Do you make anything for focal points in the garden?

    I see you having a base of broken shards with a fabulous focal point arising, creating a roundabout where 2 paths meet.

    I see you randomly, slightly burying some of your shards in friends gardens, so they can be 'discovered'.

    Your pieces are gorgeous.

    Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

  2. Thank you Tara, you are a MUCH better garden designer than I am. I normally just put the pieces that I like but didn't survive a firing into my garden. They are strategically placed to be a surprise discovery but I've yet to make a garden focal point. Maybe something in my Goddess series will fit the bill. Stay tuned.
    Friends, if you want to see some wonderful gardens check out Tara's site.


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