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High Fire Under Glazes

I've been doing some research - actually, mostly just search- for high fire under glazes. I've been using mostly Amaco Velvet under glazes which work very nicely in low fire but I have a project in mind that would require firing to cone 6 and some of the Amaco colors burn out at high temperature. A smart person would listen to people like John Britt and do a lot of testing. I'm either not that smart or not that patient or both. So I thought maybe I could get some feedback from readers as to your experiences. I'd appreciate it and I'll give you feedback on my results which could save some testing for everyone.

Check out the gallery page - Future Relics Gallery


  1. I use the dark blue, pink and black from Amaco with great success. I have started using only mason stains with water like a watercolor for other colors---although that is a light wash.

  2. Thanks Gary, the dark colors are fine but my greens and rose are getting burned out. I'll try the mason stains as you suggest.
    Have you tried any Mayco under glaze? I'm reading some good stuff about the Stroke & Coat but don't always want a gloss glaze.


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