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I’m so honored to have my pitcher featured on Paideia’s Art Visions post. The show is in November. Follow them for more art and gift ideas.

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First Raku of 2010

The day dawned with a bright sun that we have been unused to seeing here in Atlanta the past few weeks.  The forecasters even promised that it would be relatively warm.   This seemed to be a good day for a raku party but it's unusual; normally we fire in lousy weather.  The kiln Gods and the sun were shining on us and we had a great firing with no breakage.  We even fired some test pieces with nice results.  Maybe we should start firing on nice days.
Here is a vase with Rick Berman's Turquoise glaze.  I'll be posting more images on my FB fan page.  Not a fan?  Go to Future Relics Fan Page and become one.

Check out the gallery page - Future Relics Gallery


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