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Travel Mugs

The holidays are approaching and people are requesting pottery gifts.  I love the people who order early so I actually have time to make and fire the pieces.  I also love it when someone orders something that challenges me a little.  Yes, it's busy season so I don't want to be getting too involved in a new design but somethings that are on scholarship or just something new can be welcome, especially when given ample time.

That's the case with these travel mugs that were ordered by a client.  The idea is that they would fit into a car cup holder but also have a splash guard so people are less likely to spill on themselves while driving.  And, of course, their has to be a way to get the coffee or tea into the mug as well as wash them out.  I think these mugs will accomplish all of that.

Pottery Travel Mug by Lori Buff
Pottery Travel Mugs

The base is about the size of a soda can (I had to calculate for shrinkage) but the top flairs out a little for a wider opening.  I also made them all right handed mugs considering that they will most likely be used by the driver who will be sitting on the left side of the car in the states.  If I am ever asked to export them to England I'll change that aspect of the design.

My thought is that the opening is ample for cleaning as well as stirring in some sugar. They are dishwasher safe, which in my mind is always the easiest way to clean something but I think their is plenty of room for hand washing.

I'll be test driving one after they are fired.

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  1. That's a cool design. Of course being a lefty, it would make it hard for me to use the mug once I got to my destination.

    1. Hi Michèle, that's why I normally make left and right handed mugs, for people like you. Hopefully when you got to your designation your drink would be cool enough to just hold the mug in your hand.

  2. those are pretty great but I bet they are work to get right. They would work well for those mustached men as well.

    1. Thanks Meredith, they are a bit of work to get right but not enough to deter me.


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