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Clearing the Cobwebs

The studio cleaning has commenced, spiders have been displaced, dust removed, windows washed, floors swept, and mopped.  It's exhausting but in a way that makes you feel good and productive.  When cleaning the studio I can see the results.  Normally it's not hard to find spots that need to be rewashed but it still feels like something has been accomplished.  Today I will hang holiday lights and ad few other festive touches to make the place look good for the Open Studio and Sale this weekend.

Future Relics Pottery Studio
Cleaner Pottery Studio

One thing I make sure to do when cleaning the studio is to find stuff to throw away.  I am not a hoarder by any means but I do find things that look like they would make interesting textures or would be otherwise useful for creating interesting and pretty pottery.  Some of this never gets used, some become standards in the tool bank.  So I make decisions about some stuff that has been collecting dust.  Yes, most goes in the trash or recycling bin but a few pieces still feel inspiring to me.  Maybe after I've looked at them again they will get used.

What are you keeping that you don't use?

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  1. I've kept only a few mementos, otherwise sold or gave away what I didn't need but I bet once I get moved I'll find more. ha


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