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Wood Fire Results and Dog Needs a Home

As you may remember I participated in a wood firing at Hambidge Center a couple of weekends ago.  The kiln cooled for a week and we unloaded it on Saturday.  Lots of pretty pots came out of the kiln.  Of course their was also the comeraderie of potters discussing their work and techniques.  Here are some pictures from the kiln.  I have already packed up a few pieces for the East Atlanta Strut this Saturday but I did take a few snaps before all were put away.

Wood Kiln by Future Relics
Inside the Anagama
Here's the first thing we saw when we un-bricked the kiln door.  The excitement had begone. 

Dragon Mishima Lidded Jar by Lori Buff
Dragon Lidded Jar

Here's my lidded jar before it was all cleaned up.  I love the flashing and the purples.  You can really see how the flame kissed this pot.  The underglazes held up pretty well, it has some subtle but good color.

Carved Wood Fired Pottery Bottle by Future Relics
Carved Bottle Front
I like how the glaze worked on the bottom of this bottle.  I brushed it on with a light hand so it wouldn't fill in the deep carving.

Carved Wood Fired Ceramic Bottle by Lori Buff
Carved Bottle Back
Sadly, the back needed more glaze from me or from the kiln.  I love how the top has so much color, black, green, grey, and pink but it also is a bit too dry.  I suspect re-firing will save it.

Wood Fired Yunomi By A J Argentina
A J Argentina Yunomi
This yunomi by A. J. Argentina is one of my favorite pieces from the kiln.  He made a really nice cup with a clay that the kiln loved.  I'm not sure what clay it was because he wasn't there to ask but it's got great texture and colors.  I'm sure he's proud of this piece.
Boxer that needs a home
Boxer Needs a Home
This very sweet dog was hanging around us.  He seemed clean and well fed, even had a flea collar to protect him (they don't really work but it was a kind gesture).  As I was leaving I saw him on the paved road leading into Hambidge.  I stopped and stopped another car that seemed about to hit him.  It turns out the woman driving that car had been feeding him and looking for his owner.  She had checked all over the area for signs posted that this dog was missing from someone's home.  She didn't find any.  I would have been happy to bring this guy home with me except that Rainier is aggressive towards other male dogs.  I started calling him Cassius Clay because he's a boxer that seems to like potters.  If anyone would like to give this dog a safe and loving home I'm sure he'd reward you with unconditional love.

Check out the gallery page - Future Relics Gallery by Lori Buff


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    1. I did Michèle, I got a few really nice pieces and only 2 that need to be re-fired.

  2. OH that dog! And wow, you really roll the dice with wood firing...

    1. You really do. It's a lot of work and sometimes you get diamonds sometimes you get rust.


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