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Affordable Health Care Debate

Have you been listening to all the political arguing about the affordable health care act?  It's enough to make you a bit crazy.  It makes me wonder what is wrong with people.  I think that what bothers me the most is the lies.  For obvious reasons I know a lot of people that don't have health care.  It's not because I'm a social worker (I'm not), it's not because I do a lot of volunteer work with homeless people  or the unemployed (I don't).  It's because I'm an artist and I know a lot of other artists.  The majority of artists who work for themselves simply cannot afford health insurance.  According to many Republicans if these people are offered affordable health care (or any government hand out) they will become lazy and stop working and they will never be successes.  Because, you know, artists are only in it for the money.

I know people that own small businesses, they cannot afford health care either.  I suppose they will close up the shop if they are offered affordable health care.

Most artists and other small business owners I know work for almost all of their waking hours and often in our sleep.

I know someone who has a child that was born with a disability, thankfully they are living in a place where the government offers a therapist for that child.  I highly doubt this family is going to think "hey, this is great, lets quit our jobs and try more welfare programs."  But if you listen to the lies that is what you'll be lead to believe.  Statistics show that is what they will do.

I had a friend who's husband left her when the third child was still in diapers.  This was in the early 70's, she had very few options for working from home.  She accepted government assistance, lived a very modest (read impoverished) lifestyle until the littlest one went to school then she did the same and worked a part time job.  Once she had some training she got a better job and was able to get off of welfare and give back to the community.  To this day she does not know how she would have survived without that help.

I do have to say I agree with the people that are calling for a government shut down.  I think all of them should give up their paycheck and health insurance and go the hell home.  They have not presented any good solutions to a problem we have in this country they have just spread lies and wasted our tax dollars.

I'm sure you can find lots of stories that tell the opposite tale from what I am telling here.  Some people do abuse the system, some people wouldn't be hard workers if they didn't have to be but plenty of others deserve to be able to afford to be sick.
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  1. During a govt shutdown, our legislators still get their paychecks; it's only the minions who suffer (see e.g. I shudder when I read artist profiles in Ceramics Monthly, where the artist writes "I do not have health insurance; I have been fortunate to enjoy good health. I am very careful etc. etc." In NC, where Republicans are rejecting pretty much everything that makes sense (feh, who needs a $600K grant from the feds for the state EPA? Feh, who needs Medicaid, or food, or jobs, or education)...where was I? Oh yeah, NC rejected Medicaid expansion; we will have higher premiums than average, and the poorest of the poor won't qualify for insurance assistance. With enough obfuscation and digging in of their heels, the oligarchs think they'll win the day.


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