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Feeding The Wood Kiln at Hambidge Center

It seems like I just got home and unpacked (mostly) when I packed my bags again and headed up to Hambidge for an anagama firing.

Hambidge is a residency center in the mountains of North Georgia.  It's a peaceful, beautiful, quiet place.  I'd love to do a residency there one of these days.  For now I am satisfied with simply going a burning stuff up.

We had about 24 people show up with pots to put in the big anagama.  The glaze room was all abuzz with happy potters playing with colors and catching up with each other's lives since they were last together.  I really love the discussions that happen at these events.

Glazed and ready for firing by Lori Buff
Glazed Pots Awaiting The Flame

We got started loading right on time and the loading went pretty quickly since everyone got involved and people took turns climbing inside the kiln.  We learned that sometimes the best way to help is to stay out of the way but we also found plenty of opportunities to carry pots and shelves into the kiln to pass bricks to each other.

Here's one of my covered jars in the kiln.  The underglaze should hold it's color but we won't know until it comes out.

Lidded Jar in Anagama Kiln by Future Relics
Covered Jar in Anagama

Everyone took a shift stoking the kiln.  Tossing wood into a small hole that's about 2000 degrees is really quite invigorating.  It's also a lot of fun.

Feeding the Anagama Fire by Future Relics Pottery
Hot Kiln

We unload next Saturday.  Check back for pictures.

Check out the gallery page - Future Relics Gallery by Lori Buff


  1. 24 people participating sure makes the work load easier! It seems whenever I wood fire, I get the overnight shift.
    Can't wait to see the results.

    1. It really does Michèle. The night shift is often the most fun, do you get it by choice?


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