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Painting Dragons

Yesterday was spent painting dragons.  It's a lot of small, detail work, the kind that makes me need to wear reading glasses.  I think this is a little funny because I don't have to wear reading glasses to read. It's also really time consuming but I still enjoy doing it.  It's nice to have that feel of control over the brush and the color.  I paint using under glazes so I have a pretty good idea what they will look like when they are done.  Of course the kiln still has it's control.  It will change a blended tone or burn out certain colors.  I have to be careful how thick or thin I paint.  I'm also firing two of them in the gas kiln. That adds an entirely new variable because the reduction in the gas causes colors to change.  I liked the results when I woodfired some dragons and other painted mugs.  Let's see what these will look like.

Dragon Mug by Lori Buff
Purple Dragon Stein

The cups I painted yesterday are new dragons but I've still got a few of the previous dragons.  It'll be fun to see them after they are glazed and fired.

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