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Little and Big

Making small pots is harder than making large one's in some ways.  It does take more strength to center 10 pounds of clay than a quarter pound, but one isn't really easier than the other because it takes a different type of hand dexterity to do the small work.  Small pieces are also harder to glaze because you've got less to hold on to and more opportunity for the glaze to run and cause the pot to stick to the shelves.  I've been working on replenishing my stock of mugs and making these little cups.  After they are bisque fired I'll paint the dragons, glaze then fire again.  I think they are pretty sweet and will be perfect for Espresso.

Demitas cup with mishima dragon image by Lori Buff
Dragon Espresso Cups
After making small work this week I needed to switch things up so I made a few of these platters.  They are about 16 inches across so they use a bit more than a quarter pound of clay.  I'll glaze them in the spray booth.
Handled open casserole by Lori Buff
Large Platter
I'll let them dry nice and slowly over the weekend.

Now I'll head over to Mudcolony and the potters on my blog list to see what you all are up to.

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