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Meatless Monday - Lavender (Honey) Butter

Lavender is such a great flower.  Not only do they have a wonderful scent that we find in so many products that help us relax but they are a very pretty addition to the garden.  But it's also edible and delicious.  I'm sure Linda Starr can tell you a lot more about lavender than I can as she used to own a lavender farm.

The other day we made Lavender Honey Ice Cream with a borrowed ice cream maker and it was delicious.  This got me thinking about the Lavender Honey Butter I had a Penland so I decided to make some.  It was easy and delicious.

Butter server and lavender honey butter recipe by Lori Buff
Butter Keeper


1 stick of butter or butter substitute at room temperature
1 - 1 1/2 tbs dried lavender
1 tbs honey (omit for vegan)

Blend all ingredients well in a food processer.  Using a spatula move butter from processor to a butter keeper, add water to the bottom of the butter keeper so you can keep the butter fresh out of the refrigerator.  Enjoy on artisan bread or just about anything else you'd spread butter on.

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  1. I accidentally deleted this comment from Linda (sorry):

    Linda Starr has left a new comment on your post "Meatless Monday - Lavender (Honey) Butter":

    Oh my I have never heard of lavender honey butter or ice cream, must try these at my new location coming up soon I hope. However, I made lots of lavender lemonade at my lavender gardens and it is definitely thirst quenching more than just plain lemonade is.

    Nothing better than lavender. Lavender oil is antiseptic and was used to soak bandages in world war two to prevent infections. Lavender essential oil aroma released by squeezing sachets of buds releases the oils and To this day I keep a lavender sachet in my car and when stressed in traffic or otherwise I squeeze it to release some of the essential oils and I am in heaven. Try it you will like it.


    1. Oh, I have to try lavender lemonade. Thanks Linda.


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