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Noah's Ark

About an hour south of my home in Atlanta is Noah's Ark Animal Sanctuary. This is a place where they take in injured, abused or neglected animals and try to rehabilitate them and let them live in a natural but enclosed habitat. Probably the biggest attraction is the Bear, Lion, and Tiger trio that were owned by a drug dealer. When the dealer was caught the animals were rescued by Noah's ark and now live in a better environment. They still live together since that's how they grew up and they would miss each other if separated.

They also have animals that were rescued from circuses that didn't treat them well and animals that have problems like very weak imune systems and must be kept separate from other animals.

We took a trip down there this past weekend and had a great time watching the animals play and graze. They function mostly on donations so although it is free to visit they don't mind you giving them a few dollars.  I imagine every bit helps.

Tiger in His Habitat

Bison Roaming in Georgia
It was nice to see that the animals have pretty large habitats.  No, it's not the same as if they were in the wild but since they don't have to hunt or hide from hunters it seemed like they were given a good bit of space and cared for really well.

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