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Elephant Platter/Wall Hanging

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Spring Equinox

Spring is here!  Of course it's felt like spring for several weeks but it still feels good to know that the plants are all in the right place for it to really be Spring.  It means I'll be able to start my veggie garden and other spring plantings in a few weeks.  I've already started planning.
Front of My Studio
I want to do some landscaping around the studio to give it a lush look and to soften some of the corners.  Feug Shui sees these sharp corners as poison arrows which should not be directed at someone, especially not at yourself. 
At the corner of the studio porch is just such a corner.  I'd like to plant something in this nice sunny spot but since it's so near to the entrance of the kiln room it's difficult.  I often have to pull my truck up to the kiln room to load and unload for shows.  I know there is a list of plants out there that would fit this space well but I'm drawing a blank.  What would you put there?
Corner in Need of a Plant

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  1. There is the studio that inspired me to build one!
    If you google potting sheds, you will see lots of sheds with great landscaping ideas. When I recover from all this construction, landscaping will be my next project.

  2. Lori what direction does the front of the studio face? I could give you some ideas if I know north, south, east or west. If you mean the space between the deck and the large door, that is really narrow and and shrub would infringe on the spot where you drive up. What is the width of the spot, it's hard to tell in your photo? I'd put a trellis with a flowering vine there, perhaps star jasmine, it's evergreen and would look nice all the time. If there was room I'd put an obelisk type on either side of the big doors. If you mean in front of the deck, some low growing flowering shrubs would be good there to frame the deck, but not too high so as to block the view

  3. Tracey - I'm glad my studio has inspired you, yours look fantastic.
    Linda - Wow, you've given me lots of great ideas. The studio faces south and has lots of shade in the back and on the east side giving lots of possibilities for plants.


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