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Handmade for Japan Auction Starts Today

Only two days after I was sitting at the kitchen table with my “aha” moment about the tsunami and earthquake benefit auction, the Facebook page has launched in English and Japanese as a preview and resource center for our eBay auction on Friday. Thanks Kathy and Ai! We’re uploading pictures hourly and already have 300+  followers. Illustrator friend, David Gordon, was kind enough to draw our logo overnight. He has a book out now called Smitten, which is a love story between a sock and a mitten, and is coming out with a new book in the fall. Yesterday, Robin helped me all day with computer work and then with glazing and loading my porcelain kiln with my friend, Leigh Williams. I’m so grateful for their help! The porcelain for the auction will feature red or pink drawings with silver and gold luster decals, very exciting! Continue to stay posted about the auction by visiting the Facebook page. The eBay auction will start at noon EST, Friday, March 18th and end at 9pm EST on Sunday March 20th. I’ll be posting the link when I get it. The situation in Japan is still very unstable and we’re working as hard as we can to gather good work and reach our $25,000 goal. Please help by spreading the word!

Check out the gallery page - Future Relics Gallery


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