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American Craft Council Show - Atlanta

We went to the ACC show this past weekend to be blown away by the fantastic work being shown.  It was also a good opportunity to visit with some friends and meet artists whose work I admire.  Once again, the show did not disappoint.
As you can guess I love looking at the work of the ceramic artists but I also really enjoyed some work from other artist who were very creative.  One of my favorite craftsmen created wooden serving dishes and utensils that also were whimsical sculptures.  These pieces where extremely well thought out and seem like they would be really fun to use.
It was also fun and interesting for me to chat with Jennifer McCurdy whose work I admire tremendously.  Some of her new work is gilded inside the piece with makes the interior light up adding even more magic to her work.  I told her I've seen video of her process and was amazed at the amount of time and patience that each piece requires, before it gets to the gilding.  She told me how many hours it takes to add the gold to the piece but had to make sure she qualified it with "plus 30 years experience."  This is not an artist that needs to add qualifier to the time she puts into each piece, it shows in the quality and the beauty.
As we were talking a woman and her child came up to see the work, the child naturally grabbed for a piece of beautiful porcelain and everybody's heart stopped beating.  Thankfully, the mother caught the child's hand before he grabbed a very delicate and expensive piece of art.  It seems we all experience this whenever we display our art for the public.
Check out the gallery page - Future Relics Gallery


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