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Week of Cancelations

An email came yesterday saying that we did not have enough people involved in the woodfiring so it was canceled.  It's really disappointing.  We have reservations at the Old Clayton Inn and a dog sitter lined up so we are still going to go up and try to have a nice time exploring the state parks, art galleries and wineries.  I'd like to get involved in another wood firing but the only one I'm aware of is a class at John C. Campbell which would be nice but comes with a hefty price tag and no work-study options like Penland offers.
I have not ridden my motorcycle in a while and had to replace the battery this morning.  I thought about taking it up to North GA because it's a great place to ride and I wouldn't have to put pottery in the saddle bags (never a good idea).  I installed the battery, turned the key and noticed the smoke as she started to crank.  I quickly removed the key but she kept on smoking and cranking on and off as I quickly tried to disconnect the hot battery cables.  I suspect I need a new ignition switch but I also think it's time to put some thought into whether I want to put in the time and money to fix the bike.  I don't seem to have much time to ride her these days and the thought of spending about $3 per gallon of gas just for fun, especially after the BP oil spill, doesn't sit too well with me.  I can do a lot of things for fun that are less damaging to the planet.  Like set fire to a bunch of pottery.  OK, so I'm conflicted, I'll admit it.  What would you do?
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  1. Sorry to hear about the cancellation, I know how that is and it always sucks! I've had to cancel a couple of my classes in the past year due to low enrollment, nobody has any money right now! I do know that Cedar Creek rents their wood kiln if you want to travel to Durham NC!

  2. Going to Durham could be an option but I've never fired a wood kiln so I think the first few firings should be with people who know what they are doing. I was also looking forward to the fun and camaraderie.

  3. Oh, sorry, you cannot ask me about motorcycles, as I am scared of them :)

  4. I wasn't scared of it until it started smoking...don't ask me about car drivers, they scare us bikers.

  5. As a motorcycle rider myself - with little time to enjoy it. I say fix the bike and ride. You deserve it. I have found some of my best ideas come with 'helmet hair'.

  6. Thanks for the input, it's true that riding does seem to free the mind. It's sort of a meditative process isn't it.


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